Diploma in Air Hostess Management

The course curriculum offered by Air Grace Aviation Academy covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for aspiring aviation professionals. From an in-depth exploration of the aviation industry’s history and evolution to practical training in emergency procedures and passenger management, our courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in this dynamic field.

Introduction to Aviation IndustryExploring the foundations and dynamics of the aviation sector.
History of AviationTracing the evolution and milestones of flight throughout history.
Aircraft Manufacturers and Aircraft TypesUnderstanding the diversity of aircraft and their manufacturers.
Cabin Crew – DefinitionDefining the roles and responsibilities of cabin crew members.
Aircraft Rules 1937 as per DGCA related to Cabin CrewExamining regulations governing cabin crew operations.
Understanding Aviation TerminologiesFamiliarizing with specialized language and terms used in aviation.
Abbreviations Used in AviationExplaining commonly used abbreviations in the aviation industry.
Phonetic Codes Used in Airlines from A to ZLearning the phonetic alphabet used in aviation communication.
Different Types of Flight and Their MeaningsExploring various categories and purposes of flight operations.
BriefingsUnderstanding the importance and components of pre-flight briefings.
External Features of an AircraftIdentifying and understanding the exterior components of aircraft.
Internal Features of an AircraftExploring the interior layout and features of aircraft cabins.
Cabin Crew Roles and ResponsibilitiesDetailing the duties and obligations of cabin crew members.
Passenger Journey from Airport Gates Till AircraftMapping the passenger experience from check-in to boarding.
Passenger Journey from Aircraft to Airport GatesDescribing the disembarkation process for passengers.
Special Category of Passengers and Their Handling TechniquesAddressing the needs of passengers with special requirements.
Work PositionsExploring the various work positions within an airline operation.
AnnouncementsUnderstanding the importance and protocols of in-flight announcements.
Service Equipment’s Used in AirlinesIdentifying the equipment utilized for onboard services.
Meal Service ProceduresOutlining procedures for meal service aboard aircraft.
Dangerous Goods ProcedureUnderstanding protocols for handling hazardous materials in aviation.
Aviation SecurityExploring measures and protocols for ensuring aviation security.
Emergency CommandsLearning the commands and procedures for handling emergencies.
Emergency Equipment’sIdentifying and understanding emergency equipment onboard aircraft.
Emergencies on BoardAddressing protocols and procedures for managing in-flight emergencies.
First AidProviding basic first aid training for aviation professionals.
Various Medical Emergencies and Their Handling TechniquesAddressing different medical emergencies encountered during flights.
PracticalsEngaging in practical exercises and drills to reinforce learning.
Aviation Practicals and DrillsParticipating in hands-on exercises related to aviation operations.
Role Plays for Various SituationsSimulating scenarios to develop problem-solving skills.
Videos and Aviation Related Movies ScreeningUtilizing visual media to enhance learning and understanding.
Case StudiesAnalyzing real-life cases to apply theoretical knowledge.
First Aid PracticalsPracticing first aid techniques in simulated scenarios.
Exams on Safety and First AidAssessing competency in safety and first aid procedures through examinations.
Diploma in Aviation Management

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