Galileo GDS – Advance

Galileo Advance GDS course gives you the understanding of Reservation at various travel agencies, airlines, hotels and at the airports. In addition, you will get the complete 360° knowledge in operating Galileo GDS (Global Distribution System)


Above all, Galileo is a computer reservation system (CRS) or is well known as Global Distribution System (GDS) is owned by Travelport.

While, Galileo Headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Galileo is a tool or a software medium to make the travel arrangements for Flights, Hotels, Cars & Trains.


Duration: 1.5 Months


What you will learn

Subsequently, after completing this course you will be able to:


    • Advise and help customers about the flight schedules
    • Promote services and facilities available to airline passengers during their travel
    • Provide good customer service at the airport such as check-in.
    • Aditionally, advise customers on passport and visa requirements and capturing the details into GDS for ease of border clearance
    • Therefore, primarily, knowledge on usage of Global Distribution System to make and maintain reservations and issue travel documents

Course Content


    • Encoding & Decoding
    • Flight Schedules
    • Flight Availability
    • Booking File Creation Building
    • PRINT Analysis
    • OSI & SSR Services
    • Advance Seat Assignment (ASR)
    • Fare Display (FD)
    • PNR Filing (Single & Multi Passenger)
    • Elements for Ticket Issuance
    • Ticket Issuance
    • Queue Management
    • Amadeus Informative System (AIS)
    • Amadeus Miscellaneous Entries
    • Re-issuance (Pre Flight & After Departure cases)
    • Refunds (Pre Flight & After Departure cases)
    • Timatic
    • Computer Skills
    • Typing Skills
    • Interview Skills
Who should attend

This course is recommended for:

  • Certainly, who wants to upskill themselves in the world of airline reservation management
  • Who wishes to establish their career in Travel Industry
  • Who wants to be a part of Travel & Tourism domain


Firstly, the Global Distribution System (GDS) is a primarily a reservation tool for travel agents, hotels, airlines and corporate travel management professionals.

GDS Network:

In addition, GDS is a network that enables travel agencies and their clients to access travel information such as Flights Availability, Fares, Tickets, Hotel Availability, Types of rooms, Hotel and Room Amenities and like wise.

Shop the network:

Subsequently, you have a look around and compare reservations options, and book travel requirements whether it is flight, hotel or car rentals. GDS networks like the system operated by Travelport for Galileo and World span, Apollo, Amadeus generate billions of dollars in global travel sales.

The three most important GDS systems are:




Bingo! This is the right question which knocked your mind. Learning GDS will get you expose for major international jobs around the world. Travel organizations and professionals use a Global Distribution System (GDS) coordinate travel arrangements holistically from flights, to hotels to car rental.

In conclusion, travels companies will require job seekers to have proficiency in GDS so as to get their clients work done quickly and efficiently. Learning GDS could secure your dream travel job, make you independent and this is the job which you can work till your retirement.

In conclusion, Air Grace Aviation Academy recommends Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre GDS. Specifically if you are based out of Europe and the Asian countries you can opt for Amadeus and Galileo and if you are based out at Americas you can choose Sabre and Galileo. Moreover, Galileo GDS is also used in African and Middle East Market.

All our GDS courses are trained by IATA certified professionals, NSDC and Six Sigma Certified Trainers. You will receive an accredited certificate on completion of the course.

We provide the best-in-class training with the modern resources used worldwide. If you are unable to make out your presence at our institute which is located in Delhi/NCR region, you can opt for our online courses.

Our internationally renowned courses allow learners to work on an exact replica of the system. Henceforth, this is a place of learning and a non-pressure environment to learn, however, also promotes real interaction with the system.

Above all, our case studies, real time based Scenarios and first-hand experience will certainly give you the expertise you needed for your future goal. Subsequenty, transforming knowledge to skill, while testing your learning throughout to ensure you receive your accredited certificate from our institute.

Finally, upon successful completion and passing the required assessments for your chosen course alongside you will be awarded a GDS certificate that details your level of achievement within your chosen GDS soon.

Do you think GDS course takes your mind to understand? evidently, since, this is the course designed with the user friendly integration which helps you understand in a quick.

In addition, a few simple clicks and you will be istraighaway starting your course of session. Furthermore, our expert trainers are always available beside you to have a doubt clearance simultaneously.

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