Cabin crews serve as the face of every airline, making it essential for both them and their uniforms to exude style and immediate recognizability. This distinctive appearance allows them to effortlessly stand out as they navigate airport terminals worldwide. Passengers and onlookers focus their attention on these front-line staff members, not only within the airport but also inside the aircraft. The impression formed by observers directly influences their perception of the airline. Consequently, maintaining a consistently presentable appearance is crucial for cabin crews around the clock. This necessity underscores the highly selective nature of the recruitment process for cabin crew members.

The role of ground staff is extensive and diverse, encompassing various responsibilities from the airport gate to ensuring the safe departure and arrival of aircraft. A comprehensive understanding of the specific airport is crucial for individuals aspiring to join the airport staff:

  • Ground staff must be present at check-in counters, departure gates, and arrival gates.
  • Prior to flight departure, ground staff play a vital role in personally checking and ensuring the safety of various elements.
  • Special attention is given to passengers requiring full assistance before, during, and after their flight.
  • Ground staff are responsible for answering queries and providing assistance as needed.
  • Booking flights and issuing e-tickets for passengers are among their tasks.
  • Verification of passenger identification, issuance of boarding passes, and attaching correct baggage tags for check-in luggage are part of their responsibilities.
  • Ensuring a smooth check-in process with timely delivery of baggage at arrivals is crucial.
  • Ground staff conduct security checks on documents, baggage, and the aircraft to maintain overall safety.

Cabin Crew Requirement: Possessing a valid passport is a crucial prerequisite for prospective cabin crew members. Nearly all airlines prioritize candidates with passports, and interviews may not be entertained without this essential document.

Ground Staff Recommendation: While a passport is not mandatory for ground staff positions in many Indian airlines, it is highly advisable to have one. This recommendation stems from the potential for foreign assignments, and having a passport readily available facilitates the company’s ability to assign such tasks if needed.

Marital Status in Aviation Jobs: The acceptance of married candidates, particularly women, varies among airlines and is a personal decision. While many Indian airlines may prefer unmarried candidates due to the demand for uninterrupted attention in the job, international airlines typically do not discriminate based on marital status.

Generally, below are the listed responsibilities of a Cabin Crew/Air Hostess/Flight Steward.

Warmly welcoming passengers at the boarding gates

  • Safely storing and securing passengers’ cabin baggage
  • Ensuring all safety equipment in the aircraft is present and in working condition
  • Regularly obtaining weather and other updates from pilots
  • Making informative announcements to passengers, covering details such as turbulence, service-related information, and seat belt instructions
  • Verifying tickets and seat numbers for passengers
  • Assisting passengers in finding their seats during the boarding process
  • Providing instructions to passengers regarding safety protocols, including emergency evacuation plans
  • Continuous monitoring of passenger safety throughout the flight
  • Offering customer services, including distributing food, beverages, blankets, and pillows
  • Ensuring the overall safety of passengers and administering First Aid when necessary

If we start counting, there are unlimited benefits based on the individual perspective. For your understanding, we have listed few benefits below:

Complimentary flights and travel perks

  • Flight privileges extended to family and friends
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Opportunities to socialize and connect with new people
  • Reimbursement for food expenses
  • Overnight accommodations in hotels
  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage
  • Attractive salary package

Above all, if you are a person who wish to travel around the world and has a passion to meet new people and explore new lifestyles. Then, yes, this a good and luxurious career option to you..

The aspirant should have completed 10+2 education in any stream or an undergraduate degree in aviation. However, few airlines do ask for a minimum of 60% in 12th for freshers. The minimum age limit for applying for the course is 17 years and the upper age limit is 26 years. The candidate should be a minimum of 155 cm for females and 170 cm for males, fluent in English and Hindi.

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