5 star airlines in the world
30 November 2018| 236 1

The world’s 5-Star Airlines

5 star airlines in the world – We do travel by airlines to travel from one place to another. However, many of us wants to travel the best airline and that’s game show. We have bought you the list of the airlines who has scored 5-Star Rating by the renowned Airline Rating Agency which is Skytrax. The 5-star Airline rating is the cele …

Richa Upreti-A journey from skies to classroom
7 November 2018| 64 1

Richa Upreti – The Excellence

Introduction: A Journey of Excellence At the helm of Air Grace Aviation Academy stands a visionary leader, Richa Upreti, whose passion for aviation education has transformed countless lives. With a stellar career spanning 15 years as a Cabin Crew Supervisor at Jet Airways and various other prestigious organizations in the aviation sector, Richa brin …

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