Cabin Crew Training
3 January 2019| 164

Cabin Crew Training – Deep Dive

Table of contents Cabin Crew – Definition and Roles A Dream Job Cabin Crew – Key Skills Top 5 things about Cabin Crew, everyone should know Some Key Secrets Cabin Crew – Some Misconceptions Cabin Crew Training Deep Dive Cabin Crew – Definition and Roles The members of staff aboard a commercial aircraft, employed to ensure the safety …

Top 5 Facts about Hotel and Hospitality Industry
12 December 2018| 156

Hospitality Training – Hotel and Hospitality Industry Facts

Hospitality Training – Key Insights into the Hotel and Hospitality Industry Table of contents Hospitality Training – Key Insights into the Hotel and Hospitality Industry Hospitality Training – Introduction: Diverse Accommodation Options: Global Economic Impact: Customer Service Excellence: Adaptation to Technological Advances: Sustainabil …

5 star airlines in the world
30 November 2018| 236 1

The world’s 5-Star Airlines

5 star airlines in the world – We do travel by airlines to travel from one place to another. However, many of us wants to travel the best airline and that’s game show. We have bought you the list of the airlines who has scored 5-Star Rating by the renowned Airline Rating Agency which is Skytrax. The 5-star Airline rating is the cele …

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Cabin Crew Career – Elevate Your Dreams

A Comprehensive Guide to Pursuing a Rewarding Career as Cabin Crew Table of contents A Comprehensive Guide to Pursuing a Rewarding Career as Cabin Crew Cabin Crew Career – Introduction Conclusion Cabin Crew Career – Air Grace Aviation Academy Cabin Crew Career – Introduction Embarking on a career as cabin crew is a lifelong dream for man …

30 November 2018| 141

Airports: The World’s Five Star Terminals

5-Star Airports: The well known reputed star rating agency Skytrax has identified the World’s Five Star Airport on various aspects into consideration. In 2023, there are only eleven hub 5-Star and seven 5-Star Regional Terminals. Additionally, some have have 5-Star Terminals. The 5-Star Airport Rating is the prestigious and unique mark of Qualit …

Sky-High Diet Plan
7 November 2018| 70 0

Sky-High Diet Plan: For Energetic Cabin Crew

Sky-High Diet Plan: A Comprehensive Diet Plan for Energetic Cabin Crew I. Understanding the Unique Nutritional Needs of Cabin Crew A. The Demands of the Job: A Window into the Cabin Crew Lifestyle The life of cabin crew members is a unique blend of physical and mental challenges, particularly when soaring through the skies at high altitudes. The deman …

Air Hostess Courses
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Air Hostess Training – Your Sky-High Career

Elevating Your Career to New Heights Air Hostess Training – Introduction Embarking on a career in the airline industry, especially as an air hostess, can be an exhilarating journey filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. The Air Hostess Courses After 12th at Air Grace Aviation Academy offer a comprehensive and dynamic ap …

Richa Upreti-A journey from skies to classroom
7 November 2018| 65 1

Richa Upreti – The Excellence

Introduction: A Journey of Excellence At the helm of Air Grace Aviation Academy stands a visionary leader, Richa Upreti, whose passion for aviation education has transformed countless lives. With a stellar career spanning 15 years as a Cabin Crew Supervisor at Jet Airways and various other prestigious organizations in the aviation sector, Richa brin …

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Know about Aviation

Aviation – Meaning and Demand Table of contents Aviation – Meaning and Demand Understanding Aviation   Three main benefits of Aviation Industry DGCA and its functions Understanding Aviation The art of operating an aircraft or designing, producing and keeping them in good condition is known as Aviation. The Aviation industry is huge and India is a thir …

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Travel and Tourism Courses

The Ultimate Guide to Travel and Tourism Courses In today’s dynamic world, the travel and tourism industry continues to thrive, offering diverse opportunities for individuals seeking a fulfilling career. Travel and tourism courses serve as the gateway to this exciting sector, equipping aspiring professionals with the knowledge and skills neces …

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