Cabin Crew Training
Cabin Crew Training Deep Dive

Cabin Crew – Definition and Roles

The members of staff aboard a commercial aircraft, employed to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers.

The Main role of a cabin crew is to Ensure Passenger safety and the other roles includes taking care of their needs and comfort.

Young aspirants in today’s world wishes to fly to a foreign soil, their dream comes with Cabin Crew Job. Because many people travel around the world by paying for their travel charges, however, cabin crew travels around the world and are get paid by the airlines. Voila! Fly Sky!

A Dream Job

Cabin Crew Training - Deep Dive
Cabin Crew Training – Deep Dive

For many people aspiring to become a cabin crew is their childhood dream to fly, enjoying working with new people and have new experiences every day, starting a new lifestyle with exciting opportunities coming their way, interest in travelling, interacting and socializing with people from different culture, earning a handsome salary and achieving all their dreams while able to take care of different people every day are the top reasons for choosing this career.

Cabin Crew – Key Skills

One of the most important cabin crew skills is customer service. Their entire job is based on making them safe and comfortable. They need to go beyond their efforts to make the passenger’s journey a memorable one. Listening to the passenger and responding to their requests in a timely manner ensures that flight operations run smoothly. Besides, a positive

and friendly attitude, no matter what challenges may come, makes a journey smooth and efficient.

Top 5 things about Cabin Crew, everyone should know

  • They are more Diverse and Mature than what people usually think
  • Safety always comes before Comfort
  • They are trained to handle numerous Safety and Service-related situations
  • They are highly trained in providing First aid to Passengers
  • All passengers are equal in all aspects for a Cabin crew

Some Key Secrets

  • Many Cabin crew comes from a very strong educational background as most airlines requires these days.
  • Most flight attendants have a good sense of humor. It gets them through the long days and nights, and they sometimes get creative in their chores to change things up.
  • Flight attendants love their work, and for them it’s not so much a job but a way of life. There are many challenges, but they like facing them.
  • Many flight attendants speak more than one language, and most of them have acquired this by multicultural exposure.
  • Cabin crews work starts even before they step in the aircraft, long before the actual departure of flight.

Cabin Crew – Some Misconceptions

Cabin crew gets job easily

Being a flight attendant is not easy and airlines have to make sure they hire the type of people who can handle the job.

Cabin crew only work a day or two in a week

Those who think flight attendants have an unlimited amount of energy and only work one or two days a week are mistaken. Flight attendants usually have full schedules and work accordingly.

Cabin crew must help to put bags in overhead bins

No, it is not part of the job for a flight attendant to put bags in overhead bins. They might help special handling passengers on humanitarian grounds.

Cabin crew job is real easy

Offering a full service means there is no time for hanging out in the cockpit or chatting in the galley. On some days, the workload can be very high. Flight attendants often have to work their ‘butts off’ whilst smiling from ear to ear and being empathetic and patient. They may not get enough sleep or even eat on time.

Cabin crew party all the time

Often the last thing flight attendants want to do when they’re on a layover after a tiring flight is to go out and party. They would rather go to bed, drink and eat their favorite things and watch movies.

Cabin crew are dignified waitresses

There is far more to being a flight attendant than wearing lipstick taking orders for food and drinks. Flight attendants spend six days a week for several weeks learning how to take care of passengers in the event of medical or flight emergencies.

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